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(tri) Dumbbell holder

High quality and strong Size 27 * 31 * 7.5 cm Made of reinforced plastic Internal handle on top of rack for mobility and load
35.00 SAR 32.00 SAR

Back straightening belt - Black

Corrector Brace Humpback Correction Belt
22.00 SAR

Clips Dumbbell and Barbel

Weights are installed for bars with thicknesses of 30 mm and 25 mm
13.50 SAR 9.50 SAR

Dumbbell holder (6pair)

Heavy weights up to 500 kg (half ton)
255.00 SAR

Flat cones

Flat cones with stand (50 pcs)
75.00 SAR

Football corner flag

60.00 SAR

Kicking Training Star

Kicking Training Star
23.00 SAR

linear cones

linear cones with multiple heights
3.50 SAR

Lithium battery

lithium battery 2032 lasts longer than regular batteries
5.00 SAR

Offside flag football

40.00 SAR

shaker bottle- tow color

Capacity 500 ml
35.00 SAR

Soccer C captain band

7.00 SAR

Sports mobile holder

The sports mobile holder on the arm
38.00 SAR

Standard set of cups

Standard set of cups 6pcs
16.00 SAR

The bar sponge

Thick and practical bar sponge with two fasteners for installation
59.00 SAR 49.00 SAR

Back straightening belt - white

Back straightening belt - white
22.00 SAR

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