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ab wheel

Double Wheel Two wheels double flow motion for more stability during rolling
45.00 SAR

AB Wheel Developed

The smooth, non-slip wheel
89.00 SAR

Battle Rope

The battle rope length of 9 m and thickness of 3.80 cm
275.00 SAR

bosu ball - kangaroo

Bosu ball with 2 resistance rope and blower - Kangaroo
249.00 SAR

Chrome handle

Chrome handle Made of chrome Handle rough and non-slip Equipped with two stabilizers with each handle
95.00 SAR

Digital jumping rope with accounter - kangaroo

Digital jumping rope with accounter
38.00 SAR

Handle exercises for hand

Handle exercises for hand easy to use The resistance can be controlled
40.00 SAR

Handle exercises for hand- normal

10.00 SAR

kangaroo jumping shoes

Sizes from 36 to 44
439.00 SAR

Professional jumping rope - kangaroo

Professional jump rope with rotary head 360 / strong aluminum handle and anti slip
59.00 SAR

Push Up Bars with Non-Slip

Two pieces of the Bush up-, foam-covered handle for the comfort of the hands
55.00 SAR

sit up auxiliary

Multi-use, high-stability height-adjustable foot stabilizer on the ground
47.00 SAR

STEP 2 Levels

Step adjustable height control
133.00 SAR

STEP 3 Levels - kangaroo

Step adjustable height control
165.00 SAR

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