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Made of cast iron and is coated with rubber and thick neoprene for the comfort of the hands
75.00 SAR

Pull Up/Chin-Up Bar

Bear weights to 100 kg
79.00 SAR

Yoga mat

The exercise mats of Kangaroo are comfortable even with heavy weights
129.00 SAR

Weights set 20 kg - kangaroo

Weights set 20 kg , Weight controlled
389.00 SAR 289.00 SAR

yoga ball high quality - KANGAROO

High-quality thick yoke ball - non-slip and anti-blast / 65 cm With a free pump with each ball
79.00 SAR

Resistance bands -green

19.00 SAR

Kettlebell 6kg - KANGAROO

Made of cast iron
95.00 SAR

Silicone Hand Grip strengthener (5)-set

Sets 5 (five) different resistances for hand exercises and massages
82.00 SAR