Kangaroo Reward Points

Earn and redeem points with the Kangaroo Rewards Program
Free program to earn rewards from purchases The reward is added automatically once the first purchase is made
2% of the total value of your order as a bonus

You can collect and purchase them whenever you like from Kangaroo

When purchasing from Kangaroo for any amount, 10 points will be added to you for every 10 riyals spent from the value of purchases in your Kangaroo account.

And every time these rewards will be added to your balance and whenever you see that you spend them and buy them in whole or in part on any purchase invoice

In the purchase steps and at the payment methods, you will see among the payment methods payment by reward points. You can choose it with another payment method if the amount of points does not complete the value of the order - or you can choose it only if the amount of the order is less than or equal to the amount of points exchange, knowing if it is The value of the points is greater than the amount of the request, so you will have the rest of the extra points to use at a later time.

It cannot be claimed back as cash



For any inquiries, please contact:

Whatsapp the site 0558298316