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(tri) Dumbbell holder

High quality and strong Size 27 * 31 * 7.5 cm Made of reinforced plastic Internal handle on top of rack for mobility and load
35.00 SAR 32.00 SAR

ab king pro - with pedal-kangaroo

It has Multiple uses
345.00 SAR

ab king pro (Old store)

It has Multiple uses
245.00 SAR

ab wheel

Double Wheel Two wheels double flow motion for more stability during rolling
45.00 SAR

AB Wheel Developed

The smooth, non-slip wheel
89.00 SAR

Adjustable Weight Bench

589.00 SAR

air walker

489.00 SAR 449.00 SAR

Ankle Support

Two pieces of foot support give you more protection for your foot joint
35.00 SAR 33.00 SAR

Back straightening belt - Black

Corrector Brace Humpback Correction Belt
22.00 SAR

Back straightening belt - white

Back straightening belt - white
22.00 SAR

Basket + nets

Basket + nets
119.00 SAR


High quality basketball
65.00 SAR


Basketball quality is normal
45.00 SAR

Battle Rope

The battle rope length of 9 m and thickness of 3.80 cm
275.00 SAR

bicycle device QM-720

A stationary bike with modern features and capabilities, the QM-720
1,189.00 SAR

bicycle device - sport

A stationary bicycle with modern capabilities and features With a holder for a tablet or mobile device And sensors
990.00 SAR

bosu ball - kangaroo

Bosu ball with 2 resistance rope and blower - Kangaroo
249.00 SAR

Boxing bag - kangaroo

Boxing bag with high specification and adjustable
239.00 SAR 187.00 SAR

boxing bag holder

Giant boxing bag holder comes with 6 screws and strong screws
159.00 SAR 135.00 SAR

Boxing glove - kangaroo

High Quality Kangaroo Boxing Glove with Wrist Strap
95.00 SAR

Boxing Stand 1.6 meters

The base can be filled with water or sand
489.00 SAR

Bulgarian weight bag

Easy and versatile
145.00 SAR

Chrome handle

Chrome handle Made of chrome Handle rough and non-slip Equipped with two stabilizers with each handle
95.00 SAR

Clips Dumbbell and Barbel

Weights are installed for bars with thicknesses of 30 mm and 25 mm
13.50 SAR 9.50 SAR

Digital jumping rope with accounter - kangaroo

Digital jumping rope with accounter
38.00 SAR

Disc with Hand Balance Strap

Rotating plastic disc for waist sculpting works on the elasticity of the body, waist and abdomen
59.00 SAR

Double resistance rope -black

Double resistance rope -black
25.00 SAR

Double resistance rope -blue

Double resistance rope -blue
25.00 SAR

Double resistance rope -red

Double resistance rope -red
25.00 SAR


Made of cast iron and is coated with rubber and thick neoprene for the comfort of the hands
75.00 SAR

Dumbbell holder (6pair)

Heavy weights up to 500 kg (half ton)
255.00 SAR


ELECTRONIC SCALE-KANGAROO -Tempered Glass +ABS plastic Capacity 180kg
36.00 SAR

Everlast Box-Adult VSB025

Two-piece wrist strap made of cotton and elastane
45.00 SAR

Fat burning belt

95.00 SAR

Fitness World Six Pack Care Abdominal Machine With Bicycle

Work on the formation and tempering the abdominal muscles and muscles side and foot muscles significantly
395.00 SAR

Flat cones

Flat cones with stand (50 pcs)
75.00 SAR

foam mat wood

Mat Floor Foam - Boxes 58 * 58 cm and durability 10 mm(4 pieces)
79.00 SAR

Foam Roller

Foam Roller is available in multiple colors, high quality and practical
75.00 SAR


55.00 SAR

Football - 2

55.00 SAR

Football - 3

55.00 SAR

Football corner flag

60.00 SAR

Grip Plate for easy barbell

Weights with slot for hand
49.00 SAR

Half Glove

anti slip Long roll of wrist 38 cm Made of the finest fabrics and leather
59.00 SAR

Handle exercises for hand

Handle exercises for hand easy to use The resistance can be controlled
40.00 SAR

Handle exercises for hand- normal

10.00 SAR

Hula Hoop

Hula Hoop
28.00 SAR

kangaroo jumping shoes

Sizes from 36 to 44
439.00 SAR

Kettlebell 4kg - KANGAROO

Made of cast iron
69.00 SAR

Kettlebell 8kg - KANGAROO

Made of cast iron
119.00 SAR

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